Welcome to the Transitional Program!

The Transitional Program is a community mental health program, the aim of which is to provide quality adjunct therapy to clients that have a prescribing physician or may have a primary therapist. Additionally we provide classes on stress-reduction, relaxation, self-care, self-confidence, self-regulation, and more. We are also a training facility for area graduate students in clinical psychology.

Goals and Objectives

  • To assist those clients who are moving out of isolation in their attempts to reconnect with the community
  • To provide clients with active participation in unstructured and structured groups that focus on resocialization and living skills
  • Support re-entry into volunteer and professional environments
  • To provide supportive environment where clients can try out their social and work skills
  • To provide clients with individual and family counseling
  • To provide these resources on a no-cost/sliding-scale basis (some insurance benefits may be applicable).

To make an appointment for an intake interview, or for more information, call the Transitional Program at (650)324-3330 or email us at If you are currently experiencing an emergency or crisis please CALL 911