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Information for Referring Professionals

The Transitional Program encourages a collaborative approach to treating psychological and emotional problems. We provide adjunct group and individual psychotherapy by insurance payment or at sliding-scale fees for those individuals who have a prescribing physician or primary therapist, and would benefit from additional psychotherapeutic or educational services.

Who should be referred?

People who are able to function in everyday tasks and are recovering from a life crisis

People who are chronically unable to cope with the demands of everyday/full-time work tasks.

People who are in the mental health system and find themselves unable to move ahead with personal development.

People who are currently in individual therapy or medication management, and could benefit from group psychotherapy or want to improve social/work skills

People exiting more intensive programs, such as inpatient or day-programs that would like a transitional step or add-on to their visits with primary referring professional.

Download our brochure to give to potential clients


If you feel this program would be beneficial to a client of yours, please contact us at (650) 324-3330 or at info@transitionalprogram.org

In order to expedite the process of enrollment, please download our referral request form and fax it to (650) 690-7829.


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